About Bird Saloon™

Back in the late fall of 2014 BirdSaloon™ was purchased by a married couple who were in pursuit of leaving the city life of urban small yards and home owner associations to find a place in the outskirts of an unincorporated area of open land.   In doing so a place called RedneckCamp™ was born.  Although in the beginning, RedneckCamp™ was developed initially as a small man cave bar.  Its early days were filled with guests, festive fun into the late hours drinking and partying on the weekends.  But as all good things happen, times change and the initial notoriety that became the talk of the town but had eventually worn off as many places do.  After a few years of drinking fun in the bar and all the outdoor activities around camp finally slowed down and changes had to be made to make better use of the space.

With decisions having to be made during a turbulent political change in America it was my decision to re-brand the place as we had known as RedneckCamp.  In the end when a brand has worn out it’s always good to come up with something more up to date that many can relate to.  Something I had learned while watching ‘Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer’.  Funny as it may seem the show does have a good entertaining story line and some obvious logic is taught on the show.

So I decided to come up with a more neutral brand that I could use along with perhaps having a hobby to go along with it.  With the fascination of space and the stars I had grown a draw towards birds.  Seeing they were able to defy gravity in such a way where man kind has spent its day on duplicating it in the forms of planes and rockets.   After thinking that I like bars and saloons which have been a part of my life for years I came up with making bird feeders as saloons.  So that’s when BirdSaloon™ was conceived.   While I was in Vegas in June of 2018 I had decided to slowly change brand from RedneckCamp™ to BirdSaloon™.

 BirdSaloon™ is a place currently in Arizona where we live a conservative life spending our days working hard during the week so we can play hard on the weekends.   We are about GOD, Guns and defending the 2nd Amendment right and defending the United States Constitution as it was written by our founding fathers also known as our original framers of the US Constitution and the Amendments. 

NOTE:  We are not about Democratic Socialism or Democratic Totalitarianism.  We are for pro-life, pro-choice, pro-freedom, pro-opinion and freedom of expression in all forms, shapes and sizes.  We also believe our political system is broken, both parties are in bed with each other and the media IS an extension to the propaganda that is ruining our country and tearing America apart.  We need to fix this.